Research Theme-2

Research Theme-2 (Output-2)

Development of manufacturing technology for high value-added products from OPT

The purpose of Research Theme-2 is to promote process development research for commercialization and cooperation with companies requiring to commercialize from the developed process at our Kluang Pilot Plant, aiming to popularize OPT products and accelerate social implementation.

In addition, as a test study, high value-added products such as bioplastics and proteins will be developed from OPT with high sugar content of Research Theme-1, and LCA data will be provided to the analysis framework for sustainability evaluation conducted in Research Theme-4.

Research Contents

The aim is to promote structural transformation of the palm industry by actively taking out OPT without abandonment it in the palm plantation and developing technology that gives economic incentives for proper processing.

Evaluate the sustainability of the entire palm industry when introducing the technologies and processes developed in Research Theme-2. It also plays a role in data acquisition and data provision for LCA analysis in Research Theme-4. Furthermore, the construction of a sustainable and inexpensive OPT material collection and procurement system is also an important issue.

The newly developed raw material mulching process will be applied to the palm mill in Sarawak to demonstrate the profit expansion and greenhouse gas reduction amount of the OPT, OPF, EFB, MCF, POME combined processing model in parallel with the verification of the Sarawak model. Then,provide the data to Research Theme-4 and present a business scheme based on the LCA analysis results. Furthermore, in order to popularize the manufacturing process, active public relations activities will be carried out, including Kluang Pilot Plant tours and symposiums for Japanese and Malaysian government officials.