Project introduction article published in Nikkei Newspaper

An article introducing SATREPS OPT project was published in the Nikkei Newspaper evening edition “Global Watch” feature article on May 1, 2024. Also, Nikkei Newspaper Online available at ( and NikkeiAsia Online at (

Project introduction at MBIC Seminar

Seminar on Circular Economy & Innovation of the Oil Palm Industry organized by MBIC (Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation) was held on March 7, 2024 in Kuala Lumpur.
Prof. Sudesh of USM gave a presentation for introducing the SATREPS OPT project to nearly 60 participants from public and private sector involved in the palm oil industry. It was a great opportunity to introduce about our OPT project to people in the palm oil industry.

Exhibiting at MIFF2024 and visiting Kluang

MIFF2024 (Malaysian International Furniture Fair), Asia’s largest international furniture exhibition, was held in KL from March 1st to 4th, 2024, and Panasonic exhibited PALM LOOP furniture. Furthermore, On March 5th, furniture manufacturers and retail companies that handle PALM LOOP visited the oil palm logging site, which is the raw material for PALM LOOP, and the pilot plant in Kluang. We hope that these activities will lead to further expansion of recognition of PALM LOOP products in the future.

High school students’ Global bridge training program visit to USM

On January 16, 2024, eight high school students from Hokkaido, Japan visited USM’s SATREPS OPT Project Research Lab as part of the “High School Students’ Global Bridge Training” program. We provided an overview of the SATREPS and the OPT project, helping them understand the issues facing the palm oil industry and the direction the project is aiming for. USM students gave them a tour of the research lab and had the opportunity to interact with each other.

Panasonic Project Member visited Pasoh Site

On December 15, 2023, Panasonic project members visited the observation site at an oil palm plantation in Pasoh, Negeri Sembilan. Opinions were exchanged on observation methods in Pasoh and status confirmation of methane gas generation during the OPT decomposition process by termites, and the possibility of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations in the future by transporting and utilizing OPT (Oil Palm trunk).

Meeting With Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation

Following the visit to Bioeconomy Corporation’s Kluang Pilot Plant on October 23, 2023, project members visited the Bioeconomy Corporation office in Putrajaya. We expressed our gratitude for the invitation to exhibit a booth at the National BIOMASS Conference 2023 held on December 6-7, and exchanged opinions for future cooperation.

Meeting with Agro-Biotechnology Institute Malaysia (ABI)

On December 11, 2023, Director of ABI, Dr. Seetha King and researchers visited Kluang Plant. In addition, we visited ABI in Putrajaya on December 14th, toured the research facilities, and discussed the possibility of future joint research.

Formosa Petrochemical Corp. and Agri Oils visited our Kluang Pilot Plant

On December 12, 2023, eight engineers of Formosa Petrochemical Corporation and Agri Oils from Taiwan visited our Kluang Pilot Plant. A technical discussion on biomass pellet production in Kluang was held.

SATREPS POME Project (UTM) visited our Kluang Pilot Plant

On December 11, 2023, Prof. Mohd Zamri, Ms.Russell and 8 students from UTM’s SATREPS POME Project visited our Kluang Pilot Plant. We hope that we will continue to exchange information as we work to contribute to a sustainable palm oil industry.

Participate in National Biomass Conference 2023

National BIOMASS Conference 2023 was held in Putrajaya on December 6-7, 2023. In cooperation with OPTERAZ Sdn Bhd, the SATREPS OPT project introduced the project activities and exhibited fuel pellets, raw material pellets, fiber samples, boards, etc. that utilize palm biomass, mainly OPT at the exhibition booth.

Installation of Ozone Generator in USM SATREPS OPT Lab

On December 1, 2023, a set of ozone generators was installed and trial operated at the SATREPS OPT project research lab at the USM. We plan to conduct various experiments using oil palm biomass samples produced at Kluang Pilot Plant in collaboration with the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Industrial Technology.

Online Meeting With Wilmar International Limited

Online meeting was held with Mr. Gurcharan (Plantation Head), Mr. Philip (R&D Head), Mr. Kiaw (GM for Sabah Operation), and Mr. Asrif (AGM of Sarawak) on November 29, 2023. We explained the multi-process pellet production using biomass raw materials at the Kluang plant and discussed the possibility of future cooperation. In particular, we will consider opportunities to visit Sarawak and provide explanations to Sarawak palm plantation organizations etc.

2nd Chamber Observation begins with OPT in Pasoh and Soil Analysis by q-PCR in USM

2nd observation of the methane gas generated during the OPT decomposition process by termites was started. In addition, soil analysis using q-PCR tests was conducted at the USM SATREPS Project Research Lab.

JIRCAS Symposium in Tokyo

November 17, 2023, JIRCAS Symposium “Innovations to Enhance the resilience of tropical forests and Sustainability of the forest industry” was held at the United Nations University U-Thant International Conference Hall and 10 counterparts from Malaysia participated. Dr. Kosugi talked about “Technology for adding high value to old oil palm trees for conservation of tropical forests”and Mr. Tani talked about “Reinforcing tropical forests and improving production through breeding techniques”. There was also presentation from Malaysia’s FRIM.

Visit to Miraikan

On November 15, 2023, Malaysian counterparts toured the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) by the invitation of JST. At Miraikan, the guide explained the highlights, and our project researchers were able to learn about daily life, society, and science related to the future. The weather was nice that day, and they took the Yurikamome-line, which allowed them to fully enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay from the train window.

Courtesy visit to JICA, JST, Embassy of Malaysia

On November 15, 2023, 10 Malaysian counterparts paid courtesy visits to JICA Headquarters, JST Headquarters, and the Embassy of Malaysia, and expressed their gratitude for the project promotion and cooperation. At the Embassy of Malaysia, Dr. Kosugi explained the outline of the project to Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Anwar Udzir and Counsellor in Agriculture, Mr. Jaswan Mulop, and asked for their cooperation in future project social implementation activities.

5th JCC Meeting in Japan

On November 14, 2023, the 5th JCC meeting was held in Tokyo as hybrid of face-to-face and online, with 10 representatives from Malaysian counterparts invited to Japan. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Vice-Chancellor of USM, and was attended by approximately 60 of project related members.

SATREPS OPT Project Special Seminar

On the afternoon of November 14, 2023, SATREPS OPT Project special seminar “The Future of the Palm Oil Industry: Biomass Utilization and Sustainability Initiatives.” was held in Japan. Dr. Kosugi from JIRCAS, the representative organization of the project, Mr. Aikawa from the Renewable Energy Foundation, and Prof. Kawaguchi, Professor of Rikkyo Univ. (ESG Adviser at Fuji Oil Group HQ) made a presentation for the use of biomass. Total of approximately 70 people from the public and private sectors participated.

Courtesy visit to JIRCAS

On November 13, 2023, 10 counterparts from USM, MPOB, FRIM, and SIRIM arrived at Narita Airport and paid a courtesy visit to JIRCAS which is the representative organization for this project, and met with Dr. Koyama (President) , Dr. Hayashi (Project Director), Dr. Sugino (Planning and Partnership Director), and Dr. Omori (Head of the Information and Public Relations Office) for the continued support and promotion of the project. Then, toured the JIRCAS laboratory.

Short-term trainee Ms.Hanis Return to Malaysia

Ms.Nur Hanis Alisa, a USM master’s degree student who went to Japan (JIRCAS@Tsukuba) as a short-term trainee for half a year from May to November 2023, safely returned to Malaysia on November 3rd. We believe that not only learned a lot from research activities, but also learned a lot from Japanese culture and many experiences, and made many friends. Hope she will share the experience in Japan with other students in the SATREPS OPT laboratory in USM and further contribute to the result of SATREPS OPT project.

Bioeconomy Corporartion visited Kluang Pilot Plant

On 23 Oct, 2023, Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation Sdn Bhd under The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) visited our Kluang pilot plant. The project overview was explained also toured the Kluang Pilot Plant. We discussed about the Bio-based accumulator (BBA Program) and BioNexus Status for further social implementation activities of the project.

JICA Malaysia visited USM SATREPS Lab

JICA Malaysia Office, Chief Representative, Madam Sugawara and Mr. Ohi visited USM’s SATREPS OPT Research Lab on October 19, 2023, and discussed the progress of the project with the Malaysia side Project Leader, Prof. Sudesh. In addition, on October 2nd, JICA person in charge of the project, Mr. Egawa, visited USM and confirmed the progress of the project at USM, also toured the Research Lab.

Courtesy call of JICA MS Office to the USM VC

JICA Malaysia Office, Chief Representative, Madam Sugawara and Mr. Ohi paid a courtesy call to USM Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman on 18 October 2023. Expressed sincere appreciation for the cooperation of SATREPS OPT Project and also talked about ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED-Net).

Courtesy Visit to Ministry of Plantation and Commodities

We paid a courtesy visit to Dato’ Zailani Bin Hj. Hahim (Deputy Secretary General) of the Ministry. We were able to report on project progress and research results, and actively discuss the wide use and popularization of palm biomass, including OPT and OPF.

Meeting With NIBM

Meeting with Prof. Dr. Raha Abdul Rahim (Chief Executive Officer) and researchers of National Institute of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) was held at Agro-Biotechnology Institute Malaysia (ABI) on Sep 7, 2023 to report of the project activities and to exchange the opinions for the research collaboration.

JICA MS visited our Kluang Pilot Plant and Pasoh Observation Site

On Sep 3rd and 8th, 2023, Mr. Egawa who is the person in charge of our SATREPS OPT Project of JICA Malaysia Office, visited our Kluang pilot plant (Johor) and Pasoh observation site (Negri Sembilan).

Idemitsu visited our Kluang Pilot Plant

On Sep 3rd, 2023, Idemitsu team member Idemitsu visited Kluang to tour the plant and discuss the preparation of OPT samples for their research.

Nagoya City Univ. visited USM Lab

On Aug 30th 2023, Prof. Itakura and 6 students from Nagoya City Univ. visited our SATREPS OPT Lab at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Prof. Kosugi explained the outline of the project, then, USM students explained mealworm and bioplastic research and gave a tour of our SATREPS laboratory.

NEDO Team visited USM Lab

On Aug 30th 2023, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) members visited our SATREPS OPT Lab at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Prof. Kosugi explained the outline of the project, and technical question and answer session was held.

Sawit Kinabalu visited our Kluang Pilot Plant

On July 13, 2023, Sawit Kinabalu Sdn Bhd team from Sabah visited our Kluang pilot plant and exchanged views with Kluang technical staff on the effective use of OPT and palm biomass, also the Wastewater treatment technology.

Pasoh Field Observation and Analysis in USM Lab

Dr. Kondo from JIRCAS visited Malaysia for the observation at Pasoh and sample analysis at USM. Observations of greenhouse gases such as methane emitted during the decomposition process of OPT by termites and research on the effects of global warming are progressing smoothly in Pasoh.

Meeting With Texchem

SATREPS OPT Project/OPTERAZ Sdn Bhd had a meeting with Tan Sri Dato’ Fumihiko Konishi (Group Exective Chairman) and researchers of Texchem Polimers Sdn. Bhd on June 6th, 2023 to discuss regarding OPT/EFB raw material adjustment methods/requirements in Kluang Pilot Plant, procurement, and future cooperation.

Joint Meeting With FRIM & SIRIM

A joint meeting with FRIM and SIRIM was held at FRIM HQ on May 30, 2023 to report on the research progress and to exchange the opinions for the project, now in its fourth year.

Progress Meeting With MPOB

Prof. Kosugi, Project Leader, Prof.Sudesh, Project Manager of the the SATREPS OPT Project and the members had a progress meeting with Datuk Dr. Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir, Director-General and Dr. Zainab Idris, Depty Director-General of MPOB and other SATREPS Team Members on 29th May 2023.

FELDA visited our Kluang Pilot Plant

On May 24, 2023, a FELDA team visited our Kluang pilot plant and exchanged views with Prof. Sudesh of USM and Kluang technical staff on the effective use of OPT and palm biomass.

SATREPS Project Car from JICA

SATREPS OPT Project (USM) received Mitsubishi PAJERO Sports 4WD car from JICA Malaysia Office on 10th May 2023. During the project period till 2025, this car will be effectively used for the project activities to transport OPT samples, palm saplings, and to conduct field surveys at oil palm plantations and other locations.

Home page of JDBS, a JIRCAS venture

JIRCAS Dream Biomass Solutions Co. (JDBS), were certified in October 2022 as a venture company from the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS). We are also pleased to announce that the website of this JDBS is now available (

Growth test of oil palm saplings

Growth trials of oil palm saplings under different conditions such as OPT fiber and chemical fertilizers are underway. Long-term and short-term trainees to Japan are involved in this research.

Courtesy call to the USM VC

On February 27, 2003, Prof. Kosugi (Project Leader) from JIRCAS, Prof. Sudesh (Project Manager) and Dr. Leh Cheu Peng from USM and Project members paid a courtesy call to USM Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Abdul Rahman and The project progress was reported to him..

Chamber Observation begins with OPT

Chamber observations with OPT in the oil palm plantation, located in Paso, Negri Sembilan have finally begun in Feb 2023. It is expected to elucidate the actual state of methane gas generation by termites during the OPT decomposition process.

Agro Innovation Exhibition 2022

From October 26 (Wed.) to 28 (Fri.) 2022, JIRCAS, IHI Corporation and Panasonic presented an exhibit of research activities including SATREPS project at Agro Innovation 2022. The event is a specialized exhibition that showcases cutting-edge technologies and products related to the entire value chain of Japan’s agricultural business.

4th JCC Meeting

The 4th Meeting of the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) for the Project was held virtually on 21st September 2022 as shown in Agenda at “View More”. This JCC meeting was participated by members of USM, MPOB, FRIM, SIRIM and MOHE from the Malaysian side and members of JIRCAS, IHI, Panasonic, Nissin Shoji and the Embassy of Japan, the Consulate-General of Japan in Penang, JST and JICA from the Japanese side.

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Installation of Chamber System

Installation of multi-channeled chamber system was carried out at Oil Palm Plantation in Pasoh, Negri Sembilan. Evaluation of the biological and physical cycle (nutrient and carbon cycle) in oil palm plantation will be conducted by using this system.

JST News July 2022

An article featuring our SATREPS OPT Project was published in the JST news July 2022, and now available in English.

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Project Team visited Malaysia

The project members traveled from Japan to Malaysia for the first time after the two and a half years of activity restrictions by COVID-19, and conducted research activities by visiting KL, Penang, Kluang and Bintulu. Meeting with Embassy of Japan, JICA Malaysia Office, SIRIM, Bousted Plantation, Consulate-General of Japan in Penang, USM, Texchem, OPTERAZ, Yong Seng Engineering, Sime Darby Research Plantation, BBC Palm Oil Mill and Verdastro, etc.

JST News July 2022

An article featuring our SATREPS OPT Project was published in the JST news July 2022 (in Japanese).

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MoHE’s Audit Team visited USM

Ministry of Higher Education’s audit team visited our SATREPS OIL PALM RESEARCH LABORATORY, USM in Penang on 27th June 2022.

OPT Practical Application

Panasonic has released the PALM LOOP website that utilizes the development technology of this SATREPS OPT Project.

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Creating Sustainable Industry

The SATREPS Project of JIRCAS was featured on January 11, 2022 in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, a daily Japanese newspaper that specializes in business and industrial affairs.

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OPT Session in ByPalma

SATREPS OPT Project Session was held by online in the International ByPalma Conference on 29th Sep 2021.
Now the presentation video and post event report are available.

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Kluang Pilot Plant

FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) member visited to Kluang Pilot Plant for the collection of the OPT sample for their research activity.

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Press Release

Panasonic Corporation issued a press release regarding the development of recycled wood board technology utilizing OPT.

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Kluang Pilot Plant

Kluang Pilot Plant has been started the operation and production of OPT samples for the Project implementation / research activities.

ByPalma Conference

SATREPS OPT Project Session was held by online in the International ByPalma Conference 2021.

Kluang Pilot Plant

Our Kluang Pilot Plant will start operation after getting permission from MITI, soon.

3rd JCC meeting

3rd Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC) Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 29th September 2021 by Web Meeting System through Cisco Webex.